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Profiteroles Ring

A customer of mine requested for a profiteroles ring in a different color. She wanted dark yellow gerbera daisies and a white rose :)

Dollhouse Miniature Rain Boots with Flower Arrangement

This piece of artwork is inspired by a quote I read and it stayed with me.

"Love in such a way that the other person feels free."

I tried to convey the purest of love that I can imagine in this piece, so the colours are very light and probably dreamy.

Dollhouse Vintage Herb Inspired Themed Crates

I had so much fun making these uplifting herb theme inspired crates. Because it feels so uplifting reading those words, I had to make them in mini sizes so they can bring some of that energy into the dollhouses.

Violet Flowers and French Crates

I’m in the mood for some soft violet, and so this piece is inspired by the colour. I was never quite the purple fan, but I guess sometimes you will change as you get to see the appealing side of it ;)

Flowers for delivery

I was working on this piece as a gift for my friend whom I’ve known for close to 9 years! How time flies! We were ex-colleagues and after we both left the company, we continued to keep in touch.

I’m not sure how she will react to this, but she was the first person I could think of when I saw a miniature vespa bike. In my mind, she had to have one. :)

Contest Giveaway

I’m hosting a contest giveaway on my facebook page here. Win a FREE air dry clay mold of your choice!

Good luck!